Sunday, June 24, 2012

Purpose and Introduction

For my Web Tools online class this summer we were asked to create several online profiles and pages as starting points for exploring the use of these tools in our classrooms. For now I have created a Twitter account, set up another gmail account that then linked to Google+, and constructed this blog. Through-out the class I will be using this blog as a place to reflect on various assignments, articles, ideas, suggestions, etc. related to the use of technology in the classroom.

When I think of technology in the classroom endless possibilities come to mind. I think I am pretty proficient (being the one most others in the dept. come to for help) with the basics and open to the new stuff. I took a class Fall '10 on using online resources with Earth Systems and created four new lessons using databases and online material- I found those to be successful in the classroom. I am lucky enough to be supported by our school, having six computers in my classroom currently, and next year every student will have a Google Chromebook for use in/out of the classroom. Therefore, there will be a dramatic shift to use of online resources in our classroom and I am eager to jump on board.

Friday, June 22, 2012

About ME

Welcome I am a high school science teacher from Brevard, NC.  Just completed my 7th year teaching mainly 9th grade Earth/Environmental Science and 9th/10th/11th grade Biology.  I also help with the T.I.M.E. program (think year long science fair class) and co-sponser the InterAct Club (community service). I graduated from UNC-Greensboro in '06 with a degree in Biology with Secondary Education and concentrations in Environmental Studies and Geology.  Decided to find a job back in the mountains of Western NC, close to where I grew up, and have been here ever since.  I'm not married, no kids, but I do have a cat named Ayla.
In my free time I spend the majority of it outdoors-camping, hiking, and whitewater canoeing.  I'm also really into music and playing the guitar and (just starting) mandolin.  Always reading something, exploring new places
and ideas.

Thought I Would Give Those Who Haven't Been To Western NC A Little Sampling Of Places In/Around Brevard
Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park
On Top Of Sam Knob, Blue Ridge Parkway

View from John's Rock, Pisgah National Forest


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