Friday, July 6, 2012

Module 1 Web Tools Project

     The first theme for our class was 'collection and organization of content'.  Therefore I concentrated on projects more for myself, as the teacher, and not directly for the student.  However, they can certainly benefit from me furthering my understanding and organization of web tools.  For Module 1 I have two things I focused on. The first was this blog.  I finished the organization of it by adding 'my blog list' at the bottom (thanks to Jason B for instructing me on how to add gadgets on the page).  I took our classmates' blog sites and linked them to my page for updated feed, so I can easily see new posts and find posts that I have been following.  The second project involved a site called SYMBALOO (it is free to use at  I just happened to be talking with teacher friends and mentioned needing to organize websites that I have saved in my favorites as well as all of these electronic resources my classmates have been posting about.  One quickly  told me I needed to check out this site.  After registering it allows you to link websites in these 'webmixes'.  I created a webmix for my different classes- one for Biology, Earth Science, one Environmental and another Professional.  As shown in the screenshots below tiles are created with a bookmark of the webpage. You or your students can easily click on a tile to access that webpage, so not only is this electronic resource valuable for organizing/collecting but can be used to incorporate into online projects.

Screenshot for Environmental Science Webmix (Not an active website, so you cannot click on the tiles)

Found an EDU Webmix with a lot of resources we have mentioned in class, can't wait to play around with these! 

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