Monday, July 23, 2012

Online Forums and Module 3 Plan

      Wow-so many choices that use online discussion forums.  So my background is that I am going to incorporate online forums into my Earth/Environmental classes next year for my Action Research Project.  I did my lit. review and proposal based on hybrid classrooms during last semester's education class. I feel that with 9th graders there are so few that want to discuss issues/concepts presented in class- their shyness or lack of confidence or time for reflection or wanting to say the 'perfect' response hinders a really good class discussion.  I see online discussions as a way to overcome those issues and can be put into practice with my classes.  Since last semester I was going to use Moodle2 (through our district), but its been 'down for maintenance' almost all summer.  That would have been my go-to (and may still be) site, but now I am exploring a forum through CampusPack (also through the district) and signed up for Collaborize Classroom.  For Module 3 I will develop several topics using each of these sties to see which one I would like to use in my classroom.  I am going to pull in several educator friends to give feedback (since we are currently not in school for student feedback) on which site to use.  For this poll I have specific things to look for such as ease in following comments for both teacher and student.

     Our professor has written a blog - Brunsell's Blog on Hybrid Classesspeaking on the same issues that I have faced with asynchronous (or in-class) discussions.  It is interesting because a few of the teachers that he references I know through MSU's MSSE program and have skimmed through their thesis' on which methods to use in the classroom.  I absolutely agree that having a classroom that draws in technology (not only limited to online forums) can foster student learning, interaction, and higher-order thinking skills. But I also think that there are developmental skills that students can only get through a traditional (face-to-face) classroom setting.  Therefore creating a hybrid classroom is ideal and I will be incorporating more technology into next year's classes.  


  1. I don't know why some of the post is coming up highlighted in white and out of font. Even thought that last paragraph is my take-home message I didn't do it on purpose or know how to make it look normal.

  2. I had the same problem on blogger. My husband went in and took out the html color codes when in code view. I had the same problem later and actually went in and figured it out. It happens when you copy and paste from least that is what happened to me. Your AR sounds really cool! Good luck with your research!

  3. Thanks I'll play around with the color codes. I may have to bug you about AR stuff this year since we are now connected with google + and twitter.