Monday, July 2, 2012

PLN and Getting Started

     Through-out this course we are asked to begin thinking and then develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN), which is based on the use of technology in the classroom (as if you didn't already know the focus of this class and blog).  For me technology should be used as an aid to develop skills for the 21st century student.  I am not interested in using technology as a subsitute for my teaching in the classroom, but as a way to enhance what we are doing.  Our students are developing new ways of thinking, using what is available to them, therefore the use of new strategies and tools will only benefit them for the future.  A few of the important skills for students to have are critical and independent thinking, which involves self-motivation to access, analyze, then apply information to their life.  Tony Wagner (presented in the 'Getting Started' page from class) has also identified these type of skills as most important for the future of students in application to the workforce.  Also shown in 'Getting Started' the video 'Networked Student' focused on connectivisim- theory that uses connections (leaning more towards web-based) to tie in various ideas and ways of learning.  I think this theory also links to constructivism  where the student takes these connections and forms, or constructs, opinions and applications, therefore actively learning the material.
      As mentioned earlier our school is very focused on the use of technology for next year, having more of our courses accessable online.  My outlook for next year is to use our availablity to use the web as a tool to enhance learning opportunities, more of a hybrid couse then the extremes (either fully online like the flipped classroom or without any use of online resources).  I will continue to build on these resources and work on converting or creating activities for use next year.

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